New Podcast Series on Leadership Development

In this new podcast series hosted by Adam Tarnow, Cynthia Culver and I join Adam to explore life and leadership in a conversational and sometimes lighthearted way. We will also interview leaders from... Read More

Good practices in family well-being: Embracing the rising generation

Whether an adult son or daughter is eager to understand the ins and outs of the family business or a curious grandchild expresses passion for creating a difference in the world using impact investing strategies, a family‚Äôs rising generation needs opportunities for development and leadership more than ever. There are… Read More

Effective facilitation can improve family council meeting productivity

Successful family council meetings are often elusive. Picture a family council meeting where the CEO and patriarch sit frustrated, waiting for several members to show. Some members are distracted. Others are having side conversations. The patriarch checks his watch. The meeting was supposed to start seven minutes ago. He rereads… Read More


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