You want to transition leadership and ownership to the next generation

but there’s a challenge…

Are they ready?

Many current-generation family members in positions of authority believe the next generation is not yet ready to take on the responsibilities of leading the family enterprise.

Learning programs

Customized training on leadership, communication, and decision making to ensure the next generation is prepared for the challenges of leading the family enterprise.

Have they been trained?

Research shows that most generational transitions don’t go well without planning and learning programs.


Everyone benefits from being the focus of someone’s attention for an extended period of time. Coaching provides objective, personalized guidance to ensure new skills are being applied and implemented.

family at a party

Is the family healthy?

Successful transitions are about more than wise financial decisions. Generational transitions will not go well if the family is not relationally strong.


Objective and skilled facilitation of family retreats, meetings, and all aspects of family enterprise governance.


We offer a wide array of services to help you and your organization achieve your highest potential.

  • Organizational Consulting

    Navigate change with confidence. Operate at your best.

    Support with fully customized coaching, leadership development and strategic human resources.
  • Executive Coaching

    The secret to sustained leadership success.

    We provide personalized guidance for current and emerging leaders.
  • It is my great pleasure to be in close collaboration with Jeff in the gifted wonderful work he does to help families’ learn, thrive and seek to flourish.

    James (Jay) E. Hughes Jr., Esq.

    Author & Founder of Families of Affinity

  • Jeff analyzes an organization's ability to execute on its mission, both where it may be inadequate or where there is simply an opportunity to do better or at a larger scale and then provides leaders a map for improved business outcomes. He excels at executive coaching and at guiding teams through the kind of change management that leads to improved--and sometimes transformational--results.

    Jeanne Whitman Bobbitt

    Founder, Jeanne P. Whitman Bobbitt Consulting

  • Jeff and I have worked together for more than 7 years on a variety of projects related to family governance, education, and leadership. Jeff’s skills as a facilitator, teacher, and guide are invaluable to the families he serves. I always look forward to collaborating with Jeff on other families.

    J. Richard Joyner

    President, Tolleson Wealth Management

  • Meeting and working with Jeff Strese has been a profound lesson in the value of human capital. His focus on talent development and organizational design is a graduate course in how to turn a business from one dependent on an individual to one driven by a team. Jeff is not just an effective consultant, but a brilliant teacher that would help any organization become an organization where motivated people can flourish.

    Mark Tibergien

    Retired CEO, Pershing Advisor Solutions, a BNY Mellon Company

  • I have had the privilege of collaborating with Jeff over the past few years as we worked to address a variety of issues for a ultra-high-net-worth multigenerational client. Jeff brings a highly valuable perspective to this work, a keen ability to listen and a gift for creatively addressing issues and challenges that help guide the family to successful outcomes.

    Nathan Dungan

    Founder and President of Share Save Spend®, LLC.

  • I have known Jeff for over a decade, first in his capacity as head of HR at SMU, then in his work at Tolleson. Jeff is a great listener and has provided me with sound advice and encouragement in the numerous roles I have held at SMU. He understands what it takes to be an effective leader having been one himself and he knows how to get the best out of others. As head of HR he led significant change initiatives in which his calm approach was critical to their success.

    Peter Moore, PhD

    Associate Provost, Southern Methodist University